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Información de cursos

En Santander
Del 28 de junio al 2 de julio

Curso magistral

Health and Social Justice
Jennifer Prah Ruger
Co-Director of the Yale/World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion, Policy and Research

Colaboración: Escuela de Salud Pública de Menorca

Dr. Ruger is Co-Director of the Yale/World Health Organization (School of Public Health). She has authored numerous theoretical and empirical studies on the equity and efficiency of health system access, financing, resource allocation, policy reform and the social determinants of health. Her work has been published in Lancet; American Journal of Public Health; British Medical Journal; Quarterly Journal of Medicine; Academic Emergency Medicine; Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities. She served previously at the World Bank as health economist.
She is the author of the book "Health and social justice" (Oxford University Pres 2010) http://www.med.yale.edu/eph/faculty/ruger.html

En Santander
9 y 10 de septiembre

Transparencia y buen gobierno en Sanidad Vicente Ortún Director del Centro de Investigación en Economía y Salud (CRES) Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Colaboración: Escuela de Salud Pública de Menorca

En Menorca
Del 20 a 24 de septiembre

Curso magistral

Disease-mongering and public health
Ray Moynihan
Conjoint lecturer
University of Newcastle

Coorganiza: Escuela de Salud Pública de Menorca
Lugar: Escuela de Salud Pública de Menorca, Isla del Lazareto, Mahón

Brief description of objectives and contents of the course:
The course will aim to deepen students' understanding of the public health problem of disease-mongering: the process of widening the boundaries of illness in order to expand markets for treatments.
It will examine the different forms of disease-mongering, by using several case studies involving high-profile medical conditions. It will also employ humour, and students will create and promote their own new disease. Finally it will analyse the public-health implications of disease-mongering and possible policy-responses to the problem, from a range of perspectives.
The course will also look at the evidence about the financial relationships between health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry which are central to this problem, and reveal how those relationships are being renegotiated world wide.
Student profile:
Students would include health professionals from the academic, clinical and policy sector, influential journalists reporting on healthcare, and representatives from consumer advocacy groups engaged with public health.

About Ray Moynihan:
A lecturer, journalist, documentary-maker and author, Ray Moynihan is an internationally recognised authority on the public health problem of disease-mongering. He has written many influential articles on disease-mongering in the British Medical Journal and PLoS Medicine, as well as producing several books and films investigating the topic. His book Selling Sickness has been translated into a dozen languages including Spanish. His work has inspired much media coverage and public debate all over the world.
Ray has given many lectures internationally, and been part of the faculty at the prestigious Evidence-Based Health Care workshop/summer school in Colorado, USA, for several years.

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